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Central Better Wear

Light up the night and make it a memory to treasure for years to come with a fragrance from Central Better Wear. Smell is one of the most powerful senses, and can transport us back to a moment from years ago, as if we were there today. What does your fragrance say about you? Define yourself when you order today from Central Better Wear.

What do you remember as a child, do you share memories of the scent of fresh baked cookies? How about the smell of ribs & BBQ during a summer afternoon? Studies have shown powerful emotions are directly tied to smell, and can evoke emotions of previous momeqnts as vividly as when they first occurred.

Tie important moments to perfume or fragrance, and relive them again, and again; Central Better Wear has a massive collection of fragrances that can evoke emotions, and transport you far from your current locale.

Take a trip over crystal clear Mediterranean seas with a fresh fragrance from Central Better Wear with just a hint of lime. Set the tone of the moment with a deep smoky and rich scent that evokes power and comfort with one of our men’s fragrances- however you seek to define yourself, do so, with a perfume or fragrance from Central Better Wear.