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Zippered Pillow Cover Pillow cases Allergy and Bed Bug Control Breathable Pillow Protector

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Bon Bonito brings you Cotton Zippered Pillow Cases at an affordable price. Protect from dust mite, and Bed Bug Control and Allergy Control Lightweight White color Packs down firmly: easy to press cotton blend fiber in a container down. Washing is simply a matter of throwing it in the washing machine cotton blend dust mite & allergy pillow protector allows you to encase your pillows and is an integral part of your allergy prevention solution. Bon Bonito is one of the more recognized allergen barrier fabric names in the market and unlike the competing products, it comes in 3 sizes:20x26 Standard 20x30 Queen20x36 King
High-Quality Zippered Pillow Cover, Dust Mite and Allergy Control, Breathable Pillow Protector

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