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Central Better Wear

Create memories that will last a lifetime and be transported back in an instant with a fragrance from Central Better Wear. Our lines include your favorite Calvin Klein, Demeter, Guerlain, Elizabeth Arden fragrances and more- save on your favorite brands and orchestrate an ensemble for your wardrobe all in one space by ordering from Central Better Wear.

Memory is a powerful thing, evoked by even the most subtle of tells- smell can transport you back to your first kiss, the view on the mountaintop or the calm waves gently lapping upon the shore.

Our fragrances and perfumes are powerful in their own right, they’ll tie you to the moment that you shared a moment and changed someone else’s life.

We have thousands of fragrances for sale to fit every mood and occasion; from fresh to savory, feel emboldened in the knowledge that you’re setting the tone for each encounter. Central better wear has ladies perfumes as silky as a lilac in the morning dew to men’s fragrances that evoke scotch and the wilderness itself.

Redefine how you represent in social occasions with a fragrance all your own- Central Better Wear has the largest selection of brand name perfumes and fragrances for every occasion & mood.